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Photographic Gallery from the 1990s

The 1990s saw the addition of our No2 uniform, with lighter jackets for when the occasion suited. Our two most memorable bookings of the decade were probably 1995's Massed Pipes and Drums of the World in Edinburgh, and the Lions International Convention in Birmingham in 1998. But there are many other contenders....

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30th August 1999. Sandwell Festival, Sandwell
Mike Hope, Gary Mellor, Dave Showell, James Cadman, Andy King, Keith Park, Simon Hayward, Tamsin Sorroll, John Benney (hidden), Phil Taverner, Cindy Irons, Marcus Jones, Leah Benney, Chris Hughes, Jon Hughes, Dave Mellor, Denis Carter, John Cadman
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4th July 1999. Shipston on Stour
Jo Mellor, Dave Showell, Chris Hughes, Phillip Taverner, Keith Park, Jon Hughes, John Cadman, Tamsin Elsom, Andy King, James Cadman (in No2 uniform), Cindy Irons, Bill Paton (obscured), Denis Carter, Gary Mellor, Albert Hope, Marcus Jones, Pascha Benney, Allan Baxter, Leah Benney, Simon Hayward, Mike Hope, Dave Mellor, John Benney
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4th July 1999. Shipston on Stour
From back: James Cadman. Jo Mellor, Leah Benney, Allan Baxter, Pascha Benney (obscured), Gary Mellor, Jon Hughes, Dave Showell, Albert Hope, Simon Hayward, Marcus Jones, Chris Hughes, Dave Mellor (obscured), Keith Park (obscured), Cindy Irons, Bill Paton, Andy King, John Cadman, John Benney

19th June 1999. Sarehole Mill Park, Birmingham
Jamie's First Parade: John Cadman, James Cadman

30th June 1998. Lions International Convention, Birmingham
Drum Major: John Benney, Pipe Major: Chris Hughes (extreme left)
Left file, from back: Leah Benney (side drum, hidden), Grahame Mellor (tenor), Allan Baxter, Albert Hope, Cindy Irons
Next file, from back: Andy Hill (side), Keith Park (bass), Tamsin Sorroll (hidden), Denis Carter (hidden), Andy King
Next file, from back: Jon Hughes (side), Gary Mellor, Marion Doyle (hidden), Dave Mellor
Right file, from back: John Sallis (tenor), Mike Hope, Bill Paton, John Cadman

20th September 1998. Chichester
Drummers: John Benney, Keith Park, Leah Benney, Pascha Benney, Jon Hughes, Joanne Mellor, Simon Hayward
Sporting new Polo Shirts, silly hats, and an occasional wig.

20th December 1997. Hobs Moat, Solihull
Drummers: Andy Hill, Grahame Mellor, Jon Hughes (hidden), Pascha Benney, Simon Hayward, Joanne Mellor (through bass drum)

20th December 1997. Hobs Moat, Solihull
Jon Hughes, John Cadman, John Benney, Cindy Irons, Andy King (hiding), Joanne Mellor, Marion Doyle, Simon Hayward, Gary Mellor, Denis Carter, Andy Hill, Grahame Mellor, Chris Hughes, Pascha Benney, Dave Mellor, Allan Baxter

27th July 1997. Birmingham Highland Gathering
We have always attracted family members, but this is ridiculous!
Tamsin Sorroll, Pascha Benney, John Benney, Jared Benney, Chris Hughes, Jon Hughes, Leah Benney
John Benney is married to the sister of Jon and Chris Hughes. Tamsin, Pascha, Leah and Jared are John's children
45Kb (and many, many more Kg!)

21st September 1997. Massed Bands Tattoo, Rye Festival, Sussex
Massed band for Marie Curie. Our Drum Major, John Benney, is on the extreme left. Our members are in the two next files, in red tunics. A total of 6 pipe bands make up this photograph, while six military bands joined in for a memorable finale selection.

21st September 1997. Massed Bands Tattoo, Rye Festival, Sussex
A rare event - Robert Scotland in his complete uniform, and with instrument!

February 1996. Visit to Weisbaden in Germany to our friends die Lustiche Schotte
Dave Mellor, Sandie, Andy King, Remo, John Cadman

23rd June 1996. Birmingham Gathering, Cannon Hill Park
Demonstration by Shirley Pipe Band: John Benney, Chris Hughes, Dave Mellor, Andy King, Albert Hope, John Cadman, Mike Hope, Allan Baxter, Keith MacKenzie, Bill Paton, Jon Hughes, Martin Mackenzie, Aristos Chrysanthou, John Sallis, Andy Fitzpatrick

23rd June 1996. Birmingham Gathering, Cannon Hill Park
Pipers on left: Martin MacKenzie(?), Bill Paton, Allan Baxter
Drummers: John Sallis, Andy Fitzpatrick, Aristos Chrysanthou, Simon Hayward (Bass), Jon Hughes, Jo Mellor, Andy Hill
Pipers on right: Chris Hughes, Dave Mellor, Albert Hope, Mike Hope

23rd June 1996. Birmingham Gathering, Cannon Hill Park
Drum Major contest: John Benney

20th August 1995. Massed Pipes and Drums of the World, Princes Street, Edinburgh
Massed band for Marie Curie. This is block K13 and we are in the red tunics on the near side. There were 22 such blocks, an estimated total of 3,500 players. A day we will all remember for the rest of our lives.

15th July 1995. Shirley Carnival, Solihull
Left file: John Fear, Joanne Mellor, Allan Baxter, Rowena Doran, Albert Hope, Martin MacKenzie
Next file: Andy Cross, Paul Webb (Bass), Michelle Cross, Cindy Irons, Marion Doyle, Andy King
Next file: Rosemarie Minton, Clive Innes, Dennis Carter, Ian Cross, John Cadman, John Benney (Drum Major)
Right file: Grahame Mellor, Gary Mellor, Keith MacKenzie, Bill Paton, Dave Mellor

June 1995. Relaxing at Rushock
Jimmy Hunter, Jon Hughes, John Sallis, Martin Mackenzie, Andy Cross, Ian Cross

June 1995. VE Day Commemoration, Solihull
Andy Cross, Keith MacKenzie, Denis Carter, Chris Hughes, Marion Doyle, Albert Hope, Sarah Black, John Benney, Jim Galeford (Bass), Jo Mellor, Michelle Cross, John Cadman, John Sallis, Bill Paton, Ian Cross, Andy Hill, John Fear, Grahame Mellor, Martin MacKenzie

1994. Shirley Scout Group - 25 Years Anniversary of New Headquarters
Andy Cross, John Fear, Andy Fitzpatrick, Mike Hope, Rowena Doran, Michelle Cross, Jon Hughes, Simon Hayward, Ian Cross, Dave Mellor, Rosemarie Minton, Grahame Mellor, John Sallis, Andy Hill, Bill Paton, Jim Galeford, Clive Innes, Paul Webb, John Cadman, Jo Mellor, John Benney, Sarah Black, Chris Hughes, Denis Carter, Albert Hope, Allan Baxter, Marion Doyle, Keith MacKenzie, Cindy Irons, Martin MacKenzie, Jimmy Hunter
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1993. Asian Wedding in Handsworth, Birmingham
Jon Hughes, Kevin Minton, Paul Webb, Andy King, John Fear, Bill Paton, Jim Galeford, Rowena Doran, John Sallis, Chris Hughes, Simon Hayward, Dennis Carter, Dave Mellor, Allan Baxter

1993. Asian Wedding in Wolverhampton
Chris Hughes, John Cadman, Gary Mellor, Michelle Cross, Joanne Mellor, Keith MacKenzie, Dave Mellor, Jon Hughes, Mike Hope, John Sallis, Andy Hill

1993. Asian Wedding in Smethwick, Birmingham
Andy Cross, Joanne Mellor, Gary Mellor, Jon Hughes, Andy King, Chris Hughes, Michelle Cross, Mike Hope, John Cadman, Bill Paton, Dave Mellor

Tenor Drummers: Joanne Mellor, Grahame Mellor,...

1991? Armistice Day, Shirley, Solihull
Tuning up before the parade.

1991 Centenary Square, Birmingham
Massed Bands, Shirley Pipe Band on left, Symphony Hall in the background

1991 Centenary Square, Birmingham
Massed Bands, Shirley Pipe Band on right

1991 Centenary Square, Birmingham
Solo display by Shirley Pipe Band

February 1990. Town Hall, Main-Taunus-Kreis, Germany
Gary Mellor with his infamous "Garfield" pipe bag

February 1990. Fancy Dress Ball, Wallau, Germany
Dave Mellor, Jimmy Hunter, Jim Galeford, Pauline Carter, John Fear, Andy Hill

February 1990. Party, Wallau, Germany
Chris Hughes, Martin MacKenzie, Allan Baxter, Andy Hill, Jim Galeford, Pauline Carter

1990. Shirley Carnival, Solihull
Back row: Andy Hill, Grahame Mellor, John Dalman, Dennis Carter, Allan Baxter, Gary Mellor, Chris Hughes, Dave Mellor, Chris Jervis, Andy King, Andy Cross, Mike Hope, Kevin Minton, Keith MacKenzie
Front row: Joanne Mellor, Emma Carter, Pauline Carter, Jon Hughes, Paul Webb, Jim Galeford, Michelle Cross, John Fear, Albert Hope, Martin MacKenzie

April 1990. St George's Day, Shirley
Andy Cross and daughter Michelle

May 1990. Lord Mayor's Show, Birmingham
Joanne Mellor and Jenny Wade

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