Shirley Pipe Band

Photographic Gallery from the 1970s

In the 1970s we changed our name from the Shirley BP Guild Pipe Band to Shirley Pipe Band. We gained our appetite for overseas trips with a series of bookings in Auxerre in France and Soiron in Belgium.

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August 1979. Soiron, Belgium
Amon Prosper - local band with our friend the drummer, Adolphe Parotte

August 1979. Soiron, Belgium
Playing in the Stables / Wine Bar: Chris Hughes

August 1979. Soiron, Belgium
Playing in the Stables / Wine Bar: Andy Hill

August 1979. Soiron, Belgium
Playing in the Stables / Wine Bar: Martin Hewins

1979. Ragley Hall, Worcestershire


November 1979. Armistice Day Parade, Shirley, Solihull
Pipe Major's file: Chris Hughes (turning to signal end of tune), Pete Taylor, John Maybury, ?, Andy Hill
Next file: John Dalman, John Henderson Dick, Mike Hope
Next file: Rick Stewart, Mike Hope, Robin Lackey, Ron Whelan, Dave Nelson, Martin Hope
Next file: Richard Court, Dave Mellor, Chris Jervis

1978. Cleeve Prior, Worcestershire


1978. Ragley Hall, Worcestershire


In 1978 we changed our name to Shirley Pipe Band though the B.P. Guild badge was still worn until the first band badge was introduced around 1980.
August 1977. Soiron, Belgium
Band members, front / middle: Ted Catch, Chris Hughes, Bob Fear, Ron Jervis, Martin Haynes, Pete Taylor (glass raised), Martin Hope, Andy Hill (behind), Robin Lackey, John Dalman
Background: Neville Cross, John Fear

August 1977. Soiron, Belgium
Dancers on steps of chateau: Wendy Fear, Sarah Weston (Clarke), Sarah Dalman

August 1977. Soiron, Belgium
Posing with two local maids: Chris Hughes, ?, ?, John Fear

August 1977. Soiron, Belgium
Bass Drummer: Jim Galeford

August 1977. Soiron, Belgium
Forming up on lawn - Pipers: Dave Mellor, ?, Neville Cross, Dave Alton
Drummers: Dave Nelson, Martin Haynes, Neil Collins, John Fear, Colin Poole, Andy Hill

August 1977. Peppinster, Belgium
Reception in Town Hall: Ted Catch, Chris Hughes, Ron Jervis, Jim Galeford, Dave Alton, John Dalman, Mike Hope, Andy Hill
77Kb - Names also shown when photo viewed

August 1977. Peppinster, Belgium
Reception in Town Hall: Betty Cross, John Fear, Neville Cross (signing), Ted Catch, Jim Galeford, Ron Jervis

June 1977. Auxerre, France
Returning home: Colin Poole and his infamous goat & cheese roll (his hosts fed him well)

April 1975. St George's Day, Shirley, Solihull
Front Row: Chris Hughes, Roger Catch, (Tenor: Dave Nelson), Mike Hope
Flag Bearer: Albert Hope, Drum Major: Ted Catch

April 1974. St George's Day, Solihull
Front Row: Chris Hughes, Steve Eccles, Martin Hewins, Robin Lackey
Drum Major: Ted Catch

April 1973? St George's Day Parade, Solihull
Drum Major: Mick Mason
Front Row: Steve Eccles, John Dalman, Martin Hewins, Robin Lackey (obscured)

April 1973? St George's Day Parade, Solihull
?, Lesley Bode (Fear), Andy Cross, Wendy Fear, John Fear, Christine Bennet (Cross), Colin Poole

April 1973? St George's Day Parade, Solihull
Drum Major: Mick Mason
Front Row: Steve Eccles (obscured), John Dalman (obscured), Martin Hewins, Robin Lackey

1973? Televised Wrestling, Civic Hall, Solihull
Ken Stanley, Twin Wrestler No.1, John Fear, Twin Wrestler No.2

1973? Televised Wrestling, Civic Hall, Solihull
John Fear, Mick Mason, Ken Stanley, Colin Poole

1973. Stratford-upon-Avon Carnival
Mick Mason (Drum Major)
Pipe Major's file : Chris Hughes, Albert Hope, Roger Catch, Jon Hughes, ?, Robert (Lofty) Phillips
Next file : John Dalman, ?, ?, Steve Catch
Next file : Steve Eccles, Neville Cross, John Benney, John Fear
Final file : Robin Lackey, ?, Bob Fear, Martin Hewins, ?, Colin Poole

1973. Stratford-upon-Avon Carnival
Front row: Chris Hughes, John Dalman, John Benney, Robin Lackey

1973. Stratford-upon-Avon Carnival

1973? Venue?
Mike Hope, Jon Hughes, Roger Catch, John Dalman, Colin Poole, John Fear, ?, Jim Galeford, ?
Dancers, Kneeling: Diane Green, Lesley Bode (Fear), Chris Bennett (Cross), ?, Helen Wheeler (Phillips), ?

1973? Cleeve Prior, Worcestershire
Drum Major: Mick Mason
Front Row: Richard Court, John Dalman, Martin Hewins, Tony Fitzgerald

1973 Cleeve Prior, Worcestershire


1973 Cleeve Prior, Worcestershire


1972. Longbridge British Legion, Birmingham
Dancer: Wendy Tomlin (Catch), Band: Andy Cross, Steve Eccles, Chris Hughes, Steve Catch

1971. Cleeve Prior, Worcestershire
Bob Fear, Malcolm Bates, Andrew Jones-Murrell, Paul Thomas

1970. Stratford Road, Shirley
Neville Cross, Alan Smith, Dave Frankton, Malcolm Bates

1970. Solihull Road, Shirley
Andy Cross, Robert Phillips, Alan Smith, Paul Thomas, Jon Hughes, Dave Mellor, Colin Poole (obscured), Nigel Lackey, Chris Hughes, Roger Catch, Albert Hope, Derek Green, Steve Eccles, Bill Baird

1970. Sharmans Cross Senior School for Boys, Shirley
Sue ?,Steve Catch, Andy Cross, Helen Wheeler (Phillips), Derek Green, Angela Stych (Evans), Chris Hughes, Andy Cross, Wendy Tomlin (Catch)

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