Shirley Pipe Band

Photographic Gallery from the 1980s

We started and ended the decade with trips to Germany to participate in carnivals in and around Mainz, while continuing our visits to France and Belgium.

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August 1989. Fete, Tiddington, Stratford-upon-Avon
Standing: Pete Taylor, Keith MacKenzie, Gary Mellor, John Henderson Dick, Chris Hughes (Pipe Major), Allan Baxter, Stewart Hunter (Drum Major), Dave Mellor, Kevin Minton, Andy Hill, Jon Hughes (Leading Drummer), Mike Hope
Kneeling: Emma Carter, Jimmy Hunter, Paul Webb, Jim Galeford (Bass), Denis Carter, Albert Hope, Joanne Mellor, Pauline Carter

July 1989. Marriage Proposal, The Pavilions, Birmingham
Band: Kevin Minton (off picture), Dave Mellor, Joanne Mellor, Jim Galeford (Bass), Andy Hill, John Fear
Happy couple: Derek Mills, with fiancée Gerry Catt
(subsequently married with four children)

May 1989. Centenary Lord Mayor's Parade, Birmingham -
Drum Major: Stuart Hunter (with piper Jim Hunter on phone behind)

1988? Fete, Knowle, Solihull
Drum Major: Albert Hope (others indistinct)

1988? Fete, Knowle, Solihull
Tenor Drummers: Paul Webb, Grahame Mellor, Pauline Carter, Jim Galeford

July 1987. Pipe Major / Minor
Jimmy Hunter and Chris Hughes (Pipe Major)

August 1987. Henley Carnival, Henley-in-Arden, Warwickshire
Mike Hope, Albert Hope, John Ross, Chris Jervis

August 1987. Henley Carnival, Henley-in-Arden, Warwickshire


August 1986. Essoyes, France
Marching onto stage at Champagne Festival
Left file: Chris Hughes, Albert Hope, Chris Jervis,...
Right file:Dave Mellor,....

September 1986. Swanhurst Park, Birmingham
Standing: Chris Hughes, George Sands, John Ross, Jon Hughes, Andy King, Mel Bradley, Andy Hill, Keith MacKenzie, Martin MacKenzie, Dave Mellor, Pete Taylor
Kneeling: Albert Hope, Tony Fitzgerald, Denis Carter, Jimmy Hunter, Robert Sands, Jim Galeford, Neil Collins, Andy Cross

August 1983. Soiron, Belgium
Drum Salute: Jon Hughes, Andy Hill, Andy Cross
To rear: Ron Jervis, Mike Hope, John Henderson Dick, Chris Hughes

June 1982. Auxerre, France
Enjoying a break: Neville Cross (our founder) and Richard Court

June 1982. Auxerre, France
Under a giant hairdrier? Jim Galeford, Mike Hope, Neil Collins(if it was a hairdrier, it seems to have worked for Mike and Neil. Shame about Jim!)

June 1982. Auxerre, France
Performing with our dancers

August 1981? Soiron, Belgium
Band on lawn outside Chateau, Terroir de Soiron

March 1981 Mainz, Germany
During parade in Mainz: Mary Stewart (dancer), Martin Hope (side drummer), Colin Poole (bass drummer)

March 1981 Mainz, Germany
During parade in Weisbaden: Ron Jervis (Drum Major) encounters Catwoman

March 1981 Mainz, Germany
During parade in Weisbaden:

March 1981 Mainz, Germany
Having his face painted: Pat (Paddy) Martin

March 1981 Mainz, Germany
At the ball: Lorna Martin and John Maybury

1980? Lighthall School, Solihull
Back Row: Chris Hughes, John Dalman, Dave Mellor, Jon Hughes, Andy Hill, Colin Poole, Rick Stewart, Ron Jervis
Middle Row: Neville Cross, Richard Court, Mike Hope, Neil Collins, Martin Hope, Steve Thomas, Albert Hope, John Hill
Front Row: Chris Jervis, Ron Whelan, Andy Cross, Steve Catch, John Fear, Pete Taylor, Tony Fitzpatrick
132Kb - Names also shown when photo viewed

August 1980 Ragley Hall
The Circle

August 1980 Ragley Hall
Figure of Eight (crossover)
Pipe Sergeant's File (from front): Richard Court, Dave Mellor, Mike Hope, Neville Cross, Ron Wheelan, Martin Hope, Andy Cross
Pipe Major's File (from front): Chris Hughes, Martin Hewins, John Dick / Hederson, Pat Martin, Pete Taylor, John Fear, ?
Bass (back to camera): Steve Catch, Tenor (far side): Jim Galeford

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