Shirley Pipe Band


Pipers eMail
John Cadman Pipe Major johncadman@
Alice Taverner alicetaverner@
Allan Baxter allanbaxter@
Andy King andyking@
Andy Walker Pipe Sergeant andywalker@
Carl Gray carlgray@
Dave Mellor Chairman, Quartermaster davemellor@
Gabriela Lye gabrielalye@
Geoffrey Fraser Learner geoffreyfraser@
Harry Wallace Learner harrywallace@
Jim Hunter jimhunter@
John McGee johnmcgee@
Jonathan Prior jonathanprior@
Phillip Taverner philliptaverner@
Rebecca Nock rebeccanock@
Rodger Patrick rodgerpatrick@
Stephen Vickers Learner stephenvickers@
Steve Williams Learner stevewilliams@
Thomas Wallace Learner thomaswallace@
Trudy Hillier Learner trudyhillier@
William Hayward Learner williamhayward@
Hunting Stewart Tartan - Shirley Pipe Band
Side Drummers
Karen Wight Leading Drummer karenwight@
Dylan Birch Learner dylanbirch@
Jen Mellor Learner jenmellor@
Paul Parish paulparish@
Tom Taverner tomtaverner@
Hunting Stewart Tartan - Shirley Pipe Band
Bass Drummers
Simon Hayward Secretary/Booking Secretary simonhayward@
Hunting Stewart Tartan - Shirley Pipe Band
Tenor Drummers
Alan Pollock alanpollock@
Jo Hayward Treasurer johayward@
Rhys Hawthorne-Slater Learner rhyshawthorne-slater@
Hunting Stewart Tartan - Shirley Pipe Band
Honorary Members
Chris Hughes President chrishughes@
Albert Hope Vice President alberthope@
Andy Hill Vice President andyhill@
Jon Hughes Vice President jonhughes@
Mike Hope Vice President mikehope@
Steve Catch Vice President stevecatch@
Cindy Irons
John Fear johnfear@
Keith Murphy keithmurphy@

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Hunting Stewart Tartan - Shirley Pipe Band

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